As an artist constantly looking for originality, this is the profound essence of inspiration originating from within me. It’s my minds interpretation of candid insightful suggestion, the Artless ‘I Revolutionary’ of my inner psyche. It’s unique, individual and pioneering, the entity of the radical concept of ‘thing’, and perception of no-thing. This is my Psyche-Art.


To get to the concept of ‘thing’ the artist has to initiate automatic impressions, an instinctive mind leak, originating from the deep recesses of the psyche. This reaction starts by marking the paper as a single uninterrupted subconsciously drawn line. The line is then shaded as an interpretation of no particular idea, with additional objects, stuff, of whatever the artist requires in order to capture the concept of ‘thing’, which is no-thing in particular.

The final drawing forms an image, which when examined holds a sequence of involuntary thoughts captured as a pencil illustration, Psyche-Art.

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