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Hamadryad - Waterhouse Copy
Infinate edge अनन्त किनारा
'Eye Sea'
'Bone Idol'
'Body Language'
'Caged Bird'
'Witches in the air'
Magic Circle
Dirty Washing
Big Bad Red Riding Hood
'Bad smell'
'Can't Touch'
'Can't Ear'
'Button Mouth' SOLD
Tone Death
'The last Post'
'Eye Thought'
'Adrift on a shapeless ocean'
'Ruddy duck'
A life twisted by the shackles of recoiled contraction -Oil
'Chaos theory'
'Constant Motion'
'Rape Field'
'Curled Nude'
'Lying nude'
'Bronze Nude'
'Swan Lake'
'Five swans and a fly go to Poole'
'Heavens Scar'
'Corner of my Mind'
'Edge of space'
'The Architect'
'Great Architect'
'A life twisted by shackles'
'A Sparkling Soul'
'Miss D'Arcy'
'Wooden waterfalls'
'Surreal Brighton'
'Fried eggs in hell'
'Eye Eye Eye'
'Pan and Nymphs' copy
'Christ'  Copy
'All hail bacon'
'Fantôme à la fenêtre'
Self portrait